Video: Sweet Cheeks
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Studio: VCX
John Holmes, Rhonda Jo, and Becky Savage star in this new erotic adventure. Magnificently filmed in Carmel, Monterey, Pismo Beach, and Marina Del Rey, California, our cast takes us through breathtaking scenes of skydiving, car racing, motorcycling and snowmobiling. Regina (Becky Savage) only has three more months to live, and she sets out to experience every sexual fantasy she has smoldering in her hot and willing body. These include a wild orgy on a 55-foot yacht, winning a double prize in the pit at the auto races, and a sensual lesbian encounter. Our star Johnny West changes from macho to slave and back again before our eyes.

Stars: John Holmes, Randy West, Rhonda Jo Petty, Kandi Barbour, Mike Ranger, Kevin James, Becky Savage, Mike Eyke, Mike Parker, Sherrie Smith
Video: The Big John Holmes
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Studio: Sunshine Films
Here's a compilation of classic cuts with one of porn's biggest cocks. He is a legend! There will never be another man who can fill his shoes (or a woman's mouth, cunt, and ass) like the king of porn, the one and only John Holmes - Master Cocksman! We have brought some of John's hottest scenes out of our vaults to share with you.

Stars: John Holmes, Seka
Video: Stretch Me
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Studio: HotOldMovies
When the biggest cock in town meets the hottest pussy any female could own, you are in for a real treat! Watch Seka's long tongue and deep throat work over John Holmes' cunt destroyer and then guide it in under her swollen clit. Do they CUM!!

Stars: John Holmes, Seka
Video: Black Rear Enders
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Studio: VCA
The Darker the meat, the sweeter the juice! This classic title from VCA has some backdoor interracial fun that can’t be beat! And while not all of these scenes involve interracial sex, they certainly are classics from the likes of John Holmes, Bill Dee, Sahara, Viper and Peter North. There’s great group sex action, anal sex, interracial scenes, and plenty of messy cumshots!

Stars: Peter North, John Holmes, Viper, Billy Dee, Joey Silvera, Ona Zee, Robbie Dee, Sheri St. Claire
Video: Rub Down
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Studio: VCX
Bixby is a lecherous employer who fires Gail because she refuses to give into his sexual advances. Her two co-workers, Patty and Suzy, quit in protest and the three decide to become full-time self-employed entrepreneurs in the "world's oldest profession."

The enterprise is an outstanding success and their "9 to 5" world is crowded with lust-filled men and couples looking to add spice to their lives. One day, old Bixby catches their ad in the paper and phones for an appointment. Recognizing his voice, the girls plan a just revenge!

Stars: Amber Lynn, John Holmes, Bunny Bleu, Jerry Butler, Kimberly Carson, Jesse Adams, Mindy Rae, Shone Taylor, Harry Reems, dave montana, Barbara Shaw, Brock Briggs
Video: Little French Maid
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Studio: VCX
Connie, the French maid, is continually searching for a love relationship. Her sensuous fantasies lead her from one sex partner to another in her quest for love and fulfillment. Connie will try anything, and do anything, to satisfy her lovers. You'll be amazed at what she does with even the big man himself, John Holmes.

Connie Peters is incredibly erotic in the lead role, and her insatiable appetite for lust makes this full length motion picture, shot on beautiful 35mm color and dolby stereo sound, a must see for lovers of the best in X-rated films. Also featuring superhung black stud Johnny Keyes and the lovely Paula Smith, Little French Maid is destined to become an all-time adult masterpiece!

Stars: John Holmes, Mike Horner, Paul Thomas, Mike Ranger, Johnny Keyes, Connie Peterson, Paula Smith, Bob White, Stephen Reilley
Video: John Holmes - Exposed
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Studio: Gourmet Video
To this day, John Holmes is still known as the most amazing and one of the biggest men in the adult entertainment industry. Gourmet Video has dug in the crates and compiled eight classic scenes featuring John’s amazing thirteen inch cock satisfying fifteen of the hottest nastiest girls in porn. Whether he does them individually or two or three at a time, they love to suck his massive member and get their pussies stuffed hard and deep then lap up all his cum. It was an instant classic then – and still is. Cum and see why John Holmes can’t help but be exposed!

Stars: Serena, Maria Tortuga, Janice, Sandy Carey, Cindy Baker, John C. Holmes, Carol Smith, Becky Moore, Joy King, Sally Acres, Suzanne Baker, Victoria Alisio, Sheila Lange, Jill Adderly, Mark Hawkins, Vicki Perkins, Janice Bronson, Gloria Adams, Sheri Luna
Video: The Best Of Gail Palmer
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Studio: VCX
Dear friends, at your request I've complied the hottest scenes from my greatest movies and brought them together in our erotic epic. I know you'll love it. Enjoy, Gail

A new concept comes to adult films- one that record producers have used for years. The idea is to put out a "Greatest hits" albums, giving the audience all of the wheat and none of the chaff. What this film offers is over 30 stars and the hottest, most erotic scenes Gail's top movies.

The best of Gail Palmer is a whopping 105 minutes of non-stop action, allowing no opportunity for the viewer to become bored. All of the intensity of each of the dozens of sex scenes is perfectly condensed. The original music by Jay Phillips is outstanding. This is not just a group of scenes patched together - it is a brand new film concept using existing material. A very well done motion picture album.

Stars: Paul Thomas, Mai Lin, Jesse Adams, Dorothy LeMay, Blair Harris, Laurien Dominique, Liza Dwyer, Vanessa Tibbs, Carol Connors, Seka, Georgina Spelvin, John Leslie, Jessie St. James, John Holmes, Sharon Kane, Veri Knotty, Jon Martin, Turk Lyon, Gail Palmer, Lisa Sue Corey, Penelope Jones, Liz Eldridge, Delania Raffino
Video: Rene Bond Sex Kitten
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Studio: Alpha Blue Archives
Prolific sex star Rene Bond is being rediscovered thanks to her growing cult status amongst diehard fans. Gorgeous by any standard, with her long eyelashes and cheeky smile she had a look and aura that was uniquely 70's. This handpicked collection represents the full scale of her work, including great raw hardcore loops like My Sister's Boobs and Patio Party! Over a dozen hard cocks get Rene's special oral treatments, Rene goes muff diving with hot blond bra buster Nina Fause, and even fits big John Holmes down her petite little pussy!

Stars: Virginia Winter, Rick Lutze, Nina Fause, Rene Bond, John Holmes
Video: Confessions of a Teenage Peanutbutter Freak
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Studio: Domain Girls
This is a rare early John Holmes hardcore movie and also features the debut appearance of Constance Money. The story is about a nerdy guy that has trouble with girls. He opens up to Helen Madigan, who gets him to share his interesting story as to how peanut butter became his aphrodisiac.

Stars: Jo Ann McClure, Charles Swanson, Malcolm Healy, Karen Reed, Christina Hoover, Jacque Hanson, Rex Roman, Helen Madigan, Constance Money, John Holmes, Candice Harley, Barry Vane, Claudia Stanton, Veronica Taylor, Michael Bee, Harold Burns, Bradley Furman, Claire Kimball, Mira Vane, Kim Blaire, Joaquin Delicado